Hispanic couple looking at paperworkOne of the most important ways that you can help older adults and those with disabilities in the Olympic Region is to get involved in advocacy.

O3A supports the Washington State Senior Citizens’ Lobby. It’s our mission to enhance the quality of life for senior citizens through education and legislation. They provide extensive information about statewide and national issues on their website:

O3A is a member of the Washington Association of Area Agencies on Aging. Their website showcases state and national issues that directly impact the clients who are receiving in-home care. See

The National Council on Aging is also a very helpful resource for the latest news on public policy affecting older adults and aging programs, and to find ways to take action.

Justice in Aging is a national organization that uses the power of law to fight senior poverty by securing access to affordable health care, economic security, and the courts for older adults with limited resources. Since 1972 it has focused its efforts primarily on populations that have traditionally lacked legal protection such as women, people of color, LGBT individuals, and people with limited English proficiency. Sign up for their newsletters and advocacy tools at