Kinship Caregiver Support Program (KCSP) & Relatives As Parents (RAP)

Grandparents blowing bubbles with grandchildRelatives as Parents (Kinship Care)

Are you a grandparent raising a grandchild? Are you an aunt, uncle, or cousin raising your relative’s children?  If this sounds like you, we are here to help you…

  • Obtain the information and help you need, when you need it;
  • Attend a support group and make new friends who are parenting again just like you;
  • Reach out for support in raising children, with possible financial assistance and other resources to improve your quality of life;
  • Realize you are not alone in this new found responsibility of raising minor children again, and to connect you with other Relatives as Parents caregivers, providing a community of support.

We are in your Community

We are the Relatives as Parents Program with the Olympic Area Agency on Aging, and we are located in the four-county area of Jefferson, Clallam, Grays Harbor, and Pacific Counties.  We have community specialists available to meet with you in person, by phone or email in each of the four counties we serve.  We can offer support in the form of once-per-year funding to benefit the relative children in your care, such as:

  • Food, clothing, transportation, household items
  • School uniforms, supplies, field trips, band instruments
  • Sports and youth activity registrations, fees, uniforms, tutoring
  • One-time help with rent or utilities to prevent eviction or shut-off
  • Tutoring or transition counseling

Listed below is our contact information for your county of residence:

Clallam County

Fran Koski

West Clallam & Jefferson Counties

Susie Brandelius

East Jefferson County

Janice Svien

Grays Harbor County

Eric Nessa

Pacific County

Bob Powell