Governing Bodies

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Council of Governments & Advisory Council

The Governing Bodies of the Olympic Area Agency on Aging are a Council of Governments comprised of one county commissioner from each county – Clallam, Jefferson, Grays Harbor, and Pacific Counties.  The Council of Governments is the decision-making body.  The Advisory Council is comprised of 4 representatives from each county, and a region-wide representative for each of the following groups: Tribes, Adults with Disabilities, Minorities, and an elected official.

The Council of Governments meets the first Thursday of each month (normally via teleconference). The Advisory Council usually meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month – currently via Zoom.  In person meetings, when held, will be at the Shelton Civic Center, Shelton, WA.  in person meetings may be changed to a conference call based on weather or other considerations. Please check our calendar for updated times, locations, venues, meeting cancellations, and AC and  COG meeting materials.

Consider volunteering with O3A as an Advisory Council member! Contact Michelle Fogus, Planner, email: for information and a volunteer application.  As of April 1, 2024  our membership vacancies are:

  • Grays Harbor County – 1 Vacancy
  • Jefferson County – 1 Vacancy
  • Pacific County – 2 Vacancies
  • Regional Tribal Representative – 1 Vacancy
  • Regional Minority Representative – 1 Vacancy
  • Regional Disabilities Representative – 1 Vacancy
  • Regional Elected Official Representative – 1 Vacancy

COG 2024 Meeting Schedule

AC 2024 Meeting schedule

Clallam County

Randy Johnson, 2024-2025 COG Chair (Mark Ozias Alternate)
Phone: 417-2383 | Fax: 417-2493
223 E. 4th St., Suite 4, Port Angeles, WA 98362-3015

Advisory Council Members:

  • Joseph Sharkey – Sequim
  • Elizabeth Pratt, 2022 Chair – Port Angeles
  • Marsha Melnick – Sequim
  • Ronnie Meldrum – Port Angeles

Grays Harbor County

Jill Warne (Kevin Pine, Alternate)
Phone: 249-3731 | Fax: 249-3783
Commissioners’ Office
100 West Broadway, Suite #1
Montesano, WA 98563

Advisory Council Members:

  • Jane Lauzon – Aberdeen
  • Susan Conniry, 2024 AC Chair – Ocean Shores
  • Pam Tuttle – Ocean Shores
  • Vacancy

Jefferson County

Heidi Eisenhour,  (Kate Dean, Alternate)
Phone: 385-9100 | Fax: 385-9382
P. O. Box 1220, Port Townsend, WA 98368

Advisory Council Members:

  • Virginia (Ginny) Adams – Port Townsend
  • Eileen Svoboda – Port Townsend
  • Jeanette Siburg – Port Townsend
  • Vacancy

Pacific County

Lisa Olsen, 2024-2025 Vice- COG Chair (Jerry Doyle, Alternate)
Phone: 875-9337 | Fax: 875-9335
Pacific County Courthouse, P.O. Box 187, South Bend, WA 98586

Advisory Council Members:

  • Nancy Gorshe, 2024 AC Vice-Chair – Ocean Park
  • Beth Tripp – Long Beach
  • Vacancy
  • Vacancy

Tribal Representative

  • Vacancy

Disability Representative

  • Vacancy – Port Angeles

SCOA Representative

  • Susan Conniry

Minority Representative

  • Vacancy –

Elected Official

  • Vacancy –