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Legal help still available, despite pandemic

July 24, 2020


By: Doug Sheaffer



In the midst of all the reports, news, rumors, about the virus, have you noticed something else occurring?

It’s called life.

Opinions seem to vary from this being the worst pandemic ever, to it being a political football that’s over-inflated..and everything in between. Whatever our opinion, it is among us and we need to exercise caution—not only due to the virus, but also to maintain our sense of community.

Once again, however, life marches on. Life, as you know if you’re older than maybe a year and a half, brings its own issues and regardless of other things these also need to be dealt with.

How about legal concerns and/or information?  Let me start by stating that in this space—as with our clients—we’ll be talking about non-criminal issues. Civil matters can keep us busy enough sometimes.

So now, some free resources for things such as powers of attorney, wills, tenant/landlord rights, living wills, etc:

  • Senior Legal Advice Clinics—each of our offices is the entry point for SLAC. This is an opportunity for people 60 or above to meet with an attorney at no cost and are scheduled once a month. Due to recent closures, limited openings and so on, these schedules have been interrupted. Call our offices for more information and/or scheduling.
  • Pacific County Legal Advice Clinic—free to people with low income and by appointment. These occur monthly at the South Bend Courthouse and for more information, call 360 705 8194, or toll free at 844 211 6916.
  • CLEAR/CLEAR Sr—Designed to assist elder clients or clients with low-income. CLEAR is for non-seniors, and the number is 888 201 1014. CLEAR Sr’s number is 888 387 7111. Call between 9:15 and 12:15, leave your contact information and what the issue is. Your call will be returned with an attorney knowledgeable in that area.
  • Washington Law Help ( A great resource for answers to lots of legal questions and easy to navigate. Also has numerous forms for free downloads

So—as noted, life marches on. In the midst of any crisis, always good to know help is out there.


Information & Assistance

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