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How You Can Help our Healthcare Providers and First Responders

March 25, 2020

By: Jody Moss

During times like these many people want to volunteer to help. And yet we need to find something we can do that keeps us away from other people.

We have all heard about the grave shortage or personal protective equipment. And recently we learned Seattle has put out a call for volunteers to make homemade protective equipment.

In Clallam County, the Emergency Operations Center has put out a call to volunteers to make homemade masks, gowns and face shields for medical providers and first responders.

The Clallam Public Health Officer has advised that homemade masks are not as protective as the manufactured N95 masks which screen out more droplets and are “fit tested” to one’s face. However, in the absence of more equipment being shipped to our medical providers, which may not happen in a timely fashion or at all, there is something we can do to help a little and a little is more than nothing.

Making Masks & Gowns:
For those who can donate their ability, interest, skills and materials here are a couple of links to mask sewing patterns and instructions:
How to Make a Face Mask
Gown Pattern

Although homemade masks may not be as effective as surgical masks or N95 masks they do provide a valuable level of protection, (according to one study – 60-70%), which will be much appreciated by those who get to use them. Make sure to follow the double layer of fabric pattern.

In Clallam County, the Emergency Operations Center is receiving and coordinating distribution of masks and gowns (Clallam County COVID-19 Hotline – (360) 417-2340). Each county may operate their response to the pandemic differently. If you do want to make masks and gowns, contact your local County Public Health Offices or Emergency Management Offices to ask where might be a good place to donate them.

Jefferson Country COVID-19 Nurse Hotline – (360) 344-3094
Grays Harbor Public Health – (360) 532-8631
Pacific County Emergency Management – (360)-642-9407

And stay home and stay safe.

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