Doug Sheaffer – Pacific County


January 5, 2021


By: Doug Sheaffer




              While breathing is generally a good idea at any time, sometimes it’s beneficial to actually take note of it.

Few of us can escape hearing about COVID-19. TV, print media, social media, conversations, etc. all seem to spiral down at some point to the topic. Many people who aren’t actively thinking about it still feel a sort of free-floating anxiety.

Admittedly, it’s hard to go about normal (whatever that is) life when at some point, our minds snap back to what’s happening in our communities, counties, state and nation.  One strategy is to step back from some of the noise and just..


Statistical reporting can have a tendency to dive into worst case scenarios. How many times do we hear about how many new cases of COVID-19 are in our community? How many times do we hear about the number of deaths nationwide?

Let’s ask ourselves how many times do we hear the numbers or percentage of people who do not have it? Or tested negative? Or recovered? From what I’ve read, the majority of positive cases have mild to moderate symptoms—or are asymptomatic.

I’m not suggesting we ignore the risks—not at all. I’m only suggesting we try to get a realistic (not fatalistic) perspective.

Continue masking, washing hands, disinfecting, social distancing and using caution. Please.

In the meantime, some things to consider:

  • Take breaks from media
  • Stay active
  • Reach out to family, friends and chat about other things
  • Laugh
  • Seek out help if you’re feeling overwhelmed

For a start,  should you feel the need to reach out, here are a couple of resources:  Washington Listens (1 833 681 0211) and/or Warm Line (1 800 698 2392).

Take the time, take time for you, and of course…breathe.

Information & Assistance

Long Beach: 360 642 3634/888 571 6558    Raymond: 360 942 2177/888 571 6557